This year, we’re asking you to love yourselves more. With the help of The Body Shop Self Love Expert Sara Kuburic, we’ve created a quiz to help you understand where you are on your self-love journey.

Just note down your answers, to see if you’re more A, B or C.

Remember, no matter where you are on your own self-love journey, we’re all fabulously imperfect works in progress.


Q1: Has the pandemic changed the way you feel about yourself?

A. I feel worse now than before the pandemic and I feel super isolated.

B. I try to stay upbeat but my self-esteem has been knocked back more than I like to admit.

C. I found the year to be crazily stressful but I feel clearer about my needs and my sense of priorities.

Q2: Think of a solo date night or an unplanned night in. How does it make you feel?

A. The thought of spending time with myself is my idea of hell.

B. It makes me angsty and I feverishly plan all the things I’ll do to fill my time.

C. I see it as a mini retreat where I can do as much or as little as I want.

Q3: You’ve been working on a project and your boss offers critical feedback. What do you do?

A. I go quiet and tell myself that I’m not good enough.

B. I go on a little bit of a negative self-talk spiral, but then I ask myself what I could do differently next time.

C. I do my best to monitor my negative self-talk. It’s a challenge but I try to learn and grow from the experience.

Q4: Someone asks you to join a virtual event and you’re not feeling up to it. What do you do?

A. I find it hard to say no. I wake up the next day feeling wiped out and annoyed I didn’t listen to myself.

B. I make up some excuse. I’m relieved I didn’t go but I also feel bad for letting my friends down.

C. I say thank you but I’m feeling low and need to look after myself.

Q5: How do your social media feeds make you feel?

A. I usually feel like I don’t have enough or I’m not enough – I don’t feel great about myself afterwards.

B. Some are inspiring, some make me feel rubbish. I know I should mute or unfollow negative accounts, but I don’t act on it.

C. I love the positive accounts and when I come across something negative, I mute or block them and take time out.

Q6: Think about the last time someone said, “You look radiant today.” What happens?

A. I’m really awkward with compliments. I don’t feel radiant, I think they must be getting at something else.

B. I say thank you, but are you sure?

C. I believe it and say thank you, I’ve been trying to look after myself better.

Q7: When you’re having a ‘I’d rather stay in bed’ kind of day, what do you do about your screen time, if anything?

A. I stay on my screen and fall down a digital rabbit hole, even though I usually feel pretty bad about myself afterwards.

B. I spend a little time on it, but I still feel like it’s too much time.

C. I’m aware that I’m having an off-day and I know that staying off my screen will mean that I can refuel.

Q8: When you see images of classically beautiful people, what goes through your head?

A. I compare the image to myself and think badly of myself.

B. I feel bad about myself, but I know that they’re unrealistic and manipulated. The negative self-talk goes away pretty quickly.

C. I instantly recognise they’re unrealistic fantasies. It's the industry and society's expectations that need to change, not me.

Q9: What do you do when you’re talking to friends or family who say they’re against something you strongly believe in?

A. I get really angry at the person and am convinced that I’m right. I don’t listen to any part of their perspective.

B. I hear the person out and by the end of it I feel unclear about my own views and drained by the experience.

C. We have a conversation. Even when frustrated, I’m aware of being respectful and open to receiving feedback.

Q10: You’re watching the news. How do major global topics make you feel?

A. I have moments of feeling hopeless and like there’s nothing I can do to help, so I switch off.

B. I feel upset and useless some of the time, but I know what I believe in, I’m just not sure what I can do to help.

C. I try to learn as much as I can about issues closest to my heart in order to make an impact, big or small.




By taking the quiz you’ve already made a start on your self-love journey. Your self-esteem has seen better days, but you seem to be exploring different ways to get clearer on your beliefs and spending more time on tuning into your values.

One of your challenges is to try and balance out some of that negative self-talk. Maybe think about giving yourself a daily compliment. The great news is, rising up means you are well and truly on your way.


• Surround yourself with people that recognise your worth.

• Try to check in with how you’re feeling daily.

• Every day write down what’s important to you.

• Be kinder, gentler and more real to yourself.



Well done for being on your way towards accepting most parts of yourself. Sometimes you experience self-doubt, also known as being human, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t throw you every once in a while. When you experience more moments of low self-esteem, it will help if you are clearer on what your priorities are. With that clarity, you can start to set yourself tighter boundaries and you’ll be far less likely to spend your time, money or energy on things that aren't aligned to your values and beliefs.


• Before setting boundaries, make sure you’re clear about what your needs are.

• Practice with small boundaries first.

• Ask yourself what boundaries you’re laoucking right now. And what yr biggest challenge is with setting those boundaries.

• Find a boundary role model you can learn from.



Most of the time you feel like you’re pretty self-aware and attuned to yourself. You do have some moments of self-doubt (who doesn’t?) but you manage to quickly pull yourself back when you start that nasty, negative self-talk. You’re aware of your shortcomings and imperfections and they’re barriers you overcome quickly. You still question some of your beliefs and you reflect on your values, but you also believe that you have the potential to make a real impact around you, big or small.


• Every day, pick one action or act of service that aligns with your values.

• Find a way to help a struggling family or friends (online or in person).

• Ask yourself what impact you want to create or legacy you want to leave.

• Give yourself permission to dream big, brave and ridiculous.

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