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The Body Shop Sleep Relaxing Massage Oil
The Body Shop Sleep Calming Pillow Mist
The Body Shop Sleep Relaxing Hair & Body Wash
The Body Shop Boost Shine On Hair & Body Oil
The Body Shop Breathe Purifying Hair and Body Wash
The Body Shop Boost Uplifting Hair & Body Wash
The Body Shop breathe-whisked-body-polish
The Body Shop Breathe Massage Melt
The Body Shop Sleep Balmy Body Cream
The Body Shop Sleep Essential Oil Blend
The Body Shop Unwind & Rest Sleep Intro Gift
The Body Shop Sleep Rejuvenating Body Scrub-In-Oil

Help bring balance to your mind and body with our new Wellness range, designed to help you recharge, reconnect and re-energize and get ready for whatever life throws your way. Sleep, Boost and Breathe are our three new routines, enriched with 100% natural essential oils and made with at least 90% natural-origin ingredients. They’re even vegan certified and come in recyclable glass and aluminum jars and bottles. Where local facilities allow.