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You’re all set to start your 28 day skincare programme! Grab a sneak peek of what’s in store for you – and download the full programme - below!


We hope you’re as excited to start the programme as we are. HERE'S HOW TO ENHANCE YOUR NEW DAILY SKINCARE ROUTINE.

  • In addition to using the Drops of Youth™ Youth Concentrate, try preparing your skin with an Essence Lotion. It’s designed to be applied after your cleanser to give your serum and moisturiser a kick-start, Essence Lotion will help to make your skin look healthier and smoother
  • Before applying your Drops of Youth™ Bouncy Sleeping Mask, take a warm bath or shower to cleanse your pores of excess oil and allow for maximum absorption.


You sailed through your first week so week two is going to be a breeze – especially with these tips!

  • See life through younger-looking eyes with an eye concentrate like our Drops of Youth™ Eye Concentrate. Using an eye concentrate as part of your daily skincare routine can instantly refresh the eye contour and smooth out the appearance of lines, bags and fatigue.
  • Leave your Drops of Youth™ Youth Cream for 1-2 minutes before you put make-up on top of it. That way your concealer won’t cake from the extra moisture.


You’re over half-way though and your skin must be very happy with you right now! Don’t forget to make yourself feel great from within too though with these tips.

  • Exercise as regularly as possible! - Stimulate your circulation through exercise, and encourage the transportation of oxygen through your body to your skin, helping it get that healthy glow. Plus, sweating helps to unblock those pores and leave your skin looking clearer!
  • If you want smooth, beautiful, youthful skin, you need a healthy dose of Vitamin A every day. Look no further than orange veggies, like carrots and sweet potatoes, because they’re rich in Vitamin A, and will help restore and regenerate damaged collagen.


You’ve reached the final stage of the skincare programme, we’re super proud of you and your skin right now. Here’s your final week’s worth of tips to keep you going through the final stretch

  1. Water evaporates from the skin, you need to constantly replenish your body with water. If you don’t, your skin will end up dry and saggy. Water keeps your skin plump, elastic, and smooth. So skip the Coke and load up on H2O!
  2. Whether it’s to day-dream, visualise an upcoming vacation, or reading a fiction novel, do something where you have to use your imagination.

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