20 years and counting! Yes! You read that right, Our Tea Tree had been everyone’s superhero product for twenty years now and we celebrated it worldwide! Together with the other country representatives, our very own The Misty Mom advocated how awesome Tea Tree is!

Nyay for Skin infections but good thing there is Tea Tree! Tea tree oil, now and then, helps fight skin infections such as tropical and fungal issues, and heals skin naturally. It has been everybody’s ongoing solution for acne. Not only that, Tea Tree users also uses it in keeping their bathroom fresh, as an added ingredient for their homemade toothpaste, and is also used to keep their laundry scented.

Did you know that the Tea Tree Oil that we have is grown by the Kenya Organic Oil Farmers’ Association? KOOFA is made up of 380 small-scale farmers, half of them are women. Growing Tea Tree helps all its farmers to earn a steady income. Also, our trade with KOOFA enables it to work on projects that improve the amount of clean water its local communities can drink.

Good job, Tea Tree! You are truly a superhero! Saving us from our skincare problems and helping the KOOFA for 20 years now. Happy Birthday!



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