Last August 27, The Body Shop Philippines launched the newest skin care range; Oils of Life together with the new bath and body range, Spa of the World. The event was attended by 60 media personalities from traditional media: Newspapers, Television Magazines to online; Online News and Key Bloggers.

The product launch was themed to be a little and quick teleporting escape of everyone from the busy life to the events venue at SM Makati which is one of SM group's malls located near the central business district of the Philippines. It was filled with greenery that depicts not just the naturalistic brand that The Body Shop is, but also the pureness of our newest Oils of Life and Spa of the world ranges.

Guests were invited with a teasing test tube card holder that has seeds within to excite invitees on what will unfold during the event. True enough, they went to the event with a journey prepared for them. A journey map

was made for everyone for them to fully experience the stations around the world in finding the most precious ingredients. Then, they were welcomed with a wooden photo booth with fresh plants and a soothing violinist, and pianist’ instrumental music to give them a glimpse of nature and relaxation.

Afterwards, they reached the ingredients section of the Oils of Life and learned more about the precious seeds in the range. Next, the Skin Care Experts after their skincare consultation, introduced to each of them the three products within the range of Oils of Life; Intensely Revitalising Cream, Intensely Revitalising Essence Lotion, and Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil.

They then went on to the Massage area where the Massage Therapists talked about and demonstrated the Spa of The World Range.

While on queue, invitees enjoyed natural cocktails. The canapés served were earthy and healthy that ranged from chicken, fruits, and of course, other greens. These canapés were complemented with Fresh Juice were to go along with the theme and promoting a full natural escape for our attendees.

Bianca Valerio, a renowned personality in the country, hosted and started the event through asking around how each invitee's journey was. She also discussed the mechanics of our Instagram contest wherein anyone could win a shopping spree at The Body Shop if they get lucky to be fish-bowl picked from all the posts.

The Spa of the World was introduces by Danica Leung, Marketing Manager, while Miss Emily Sia-Koa, Sr. Marketing Manager, gave a huge excitement to everyone about how the Oils of Life Range works and how it helps to give back to the World through The Body Shop’s Plant a Seed for Life Campaign. Rorie Manzano, an editor from Hola! Magazine was announced as the winner of the Instagram contest among the 90 on the day event posts with the hashtag #TBSxWorld with over 300,00 reach

At the end of it, everyone got a Wooden Box Press Kit created by our very own brothers from Tahanang Walang Hagdanan, an organization for the orthopedically handicapped people.

Overall, the journey to where the most precious ingredients of the world by The Body Shop Philippines made for them was indeed a great escape for everyone!



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