Ethical Trading is about brands, retailers and suppliers taking responsibility for the working conditions of the people who make the products they sell. It's about making sure that workers are treated fairly, with dignity and respect.

Our passionate commitment to human rights has always shaped how we trade with our suppliers around the world. We build close relationships with those suppliers and work together to ensure ethical trading is at the heart of our, and their, business. We believe this is the way business should be done.

What we're doing

Through our Ethical Trade programme we work with our suppliers on a continuous journey to improve the working conditions of the people who make our products. By engaging with them, we ensure they implement our supplier code of conduct into their workplace.

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Our Journey

From the beginning, Ethical Trade was integrated into the way we do business.

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What you can do

How to be an Ethical consumer

Show your support for our Ethical Trade programme by spreading the word amongst your friends and family.



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